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    G.I.S.   Data: Rank, City, State, Population, Area  |  MSA: Metro-Statistical Areas

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    G.I.S. Data:    Codes, ISO, Population, Area, GDP |    

      Chronometrics  &  iLogs 
      Cross-platform tools that enhance Chronometric Tracking & Synchronization for:
          Runtime-OS, networks, the cloud, events, messages, archival, item counting, labeling, packaging, db-records, shipping and receiving.
          Millisecond format supports unique labeling of 50,000+ items per minute   |  eVEnt GPS hardware supports logging in microseconds.
          Combinations of Segments, Ancillary Text Field Data and Auto-generation may be defined, named, called and modified.

How a Time Server Supports Regulatory Compliance
Network time synchronization supports many laws and standards requiring network accuracy, security, and reliability.

       The following are examples of regulations that drive the need for time synchronization in the network.

           Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX)  |   Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  |  Order Audit Trail System (OATS)
           Gramm-Leach-Bliley  (GLBA) 
| Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
           Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)  
|  North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC)
           National Institute of Technology (NIST 800-53)  
| Statistical Analysis System (i.e. SAS70)  |  DISA (Defence Information Systems Agency)  
   STIG (Security Technical Information Guides)  | Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks 
           ISO17799 COBIT (Plan and Organize
| Acquire and Implement | Deliver and Support | Monitor and Evaluate)
           ISO-2700 Standard (Information Security Management System (ISMS)
           Basel II Accords (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision)  
RSA (SecureID)   RSA (enVision) Security & Information Event Mgmt. 
           ISO/IEC 27001 &  27002 offer advice for Telecommunications (ISO/IEC 27011) and Healthcare (ISO/IEC 27799) 
           Listing of the electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR)

quotes from TechRepublic News
"If your organization doesn’t take logs seriously, it should raise flags about just how attentive you are when it comes to accountability.
       This is exactly why logging is a perfect compliance technology, now mandated by a raft of regulations and laws including PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA
       and best practices frameworks such as ISO 2700 and COBIT.

 A more pressing reason for doing so is that many regulations now mandate logging, log collection, log retention and
(heaven forbid) periodic log review, along with log protection and logging access to logs themselves."


Event Logging can not be trusted without the use of synchronized time in milli- or micro-seconds using temperature compensated, GPS based Digital Chronometers.
An ITZ~ChronStamp should be thought of as a 'human readable' data or information packet, which meets, exceeds and defines a new standard for ISO-8601 date-time formats.

ITZ~ChronStamps use:
 ASCII/ANSI  Uppercase-Only; are read from left to right and are sequenced in most-to-least significant order.
Please View/Download:  An 'XLS' spreadsheet Legend - for a complete explanation of ancillary fields of data to meet your requirements.
Font selection below is
Courier New although any standard business font may be used. Color was used for delineation purposes only.

1. EST: Zone-18 ChronStamp displays 1 Second before the New Year in New York City
     Z1800~20111231SA@235959PM;                   -75ºW

2. UTC: Zone-13 ChronStamp at Greenwich is 5 hours ahead of NYC

     Z1300~20120101SU@045959PM;                 ±0ºE/W

3. ITZ: Zone-01 ChronStamp at the Intl. Date Line is 17 hours ahead of NYC

     Z0100~20120101SU@165959AM681372;     ±180ºE/W
     Z# Offset Min. ~/        Year     Month   Day  Weekday at  2400 HrsMinSec AM/PM MilliSecs MicroSecs  Semicolon Space terminates the chronstamp  
     Standard~ Summer+ 

   Consider using one of the following Associated Filename Extensions:  [ .EVE | .ITZ .IDL ] .
     Concatenating an event description after a ChronStamp's terminating semicolon character [ ; ] creates a powerful and descriptive documentary log.
     Use of an ITZ~ChronStamp at 180º lon (IDL) allows sorting of log entries from many time zones to the sec-, milli- or micro-second as they happened globally.

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