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The tilde
 ~ sign indicates Standard Time.
The plus 
+ sign indicates Daylight & Summer Time.
U.S. Naval Observatory 
Wash. DC, USA
, -75W lon  

U.S. Eastern STANDARD Time   
is 17-hours behind the New World Day at Z0100~
U.S. Eastern DAYLIGHT Time
is 16-hours behind the New World Day at
BAGHDAD,  IRAQ,  45E lon

Iraq Standard Time Z1000~
is 9-hours behind the New World Day at

Iraq does not observer Summer Time. 

New World Day,   180 lon
Intl. Date Line Z0100~ near Suva, Fiji  
ITZ~International Time Zones  
It is within the legal venue of any country or municipality to define their calendar and time.
A few small countries - seeking once a year notoriety - advance their date and time in order to claim the beginning of each new year.
By International Agreement of the majority of countries in the world
each new day begins at the Midnight Hour (00:00 a.m.) on the 180 Meridian of Longitude in the Pacific Ocean.
Whereas, the same instant of time is the Noon Hour (12:00 p.m.) of the previous day  on the 0 Meridian of Longitude at Greenwich Observatory, England. 

The ITZ~
ChronStamp paradigm provides a standardized format for
event logs, security, telecomm, document and database management systems.

  * Non-Standard time zones may be expanded with a decimal & digits 01-59 to advance the minutes of a local time zone. e.g. "Z08.30~" for India.
  * Each ChronStamp consists of 26 or 32, uniquely positioned, uppercase characters that create an accurate, concise chronological stamp.
  * Fixed character positions provide fast, reliable character extraction, math calculations and unambiguous human comprehension.
  * ITZ~CS is a terse, alphanumeric format that uses the smallest fixed number of characters and complies with both Unix and Windows file-paths.
  * Meridians are not Time Zones - they are lines of longitudinal demarcation.
* Each Time Zone includes 15 degrees of longitude and begins with a specific eastern most meridian in multiples of 15, 30, 45, etc..
  * The time honored use of the letter "
Z" to represent Zulu time is used globally, although officially - time at the 0 Prime Meridian
     is referred to as Universal Time Coordinated or simply UTC.
Examples of the Standard 26 character format and a Non-standard 32 character format that accommodates microseconds:

{Washington,DC: Eastern Daylight Saving Time
{Honolulu, Hawaii: Year-round Standard Time

{New Delhi, India: 30-minutes ahead of Standard Time

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